Mural (1969 - 1982)

Color (1987 - 1997)

Etnic (2001 - ...)

Himba Maternity Happy Dreams Himba Maternity Shepherd Massai Maternity Young Massai Himba Girl Himba Boy Returning of washing the plates The necklace Happy girl Jumps Two friends Masai Brothers Attentive Each one at his problems What did they see? Exuberance Massai The little bird Massai Warrior Back to home. Apples Musicians' family Washing in the Ganges Indian gypsy of the Rajastan The Ganges Neighbors Turban of Rajastan Elegant man Exit of the temple Home, sweet home. Deliberating Masks Gong and doves Head of Guru Precocious flirtation Two friends Profile of Sikh Head Guru Protection Illuminated The voice of the experience. Ten Rupies Gathering Jaipur Maternity Monks Buddhists in Nepal Nepalese nun in Kadmandu